Brenda Gibson – Ode to Anni

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This work is strongly inspired by Anni Albers’ famous work, Black White Yellow. That work was intended to be viewed only from one side, woven as double cloth rather than triple with half basket on the back, understood to be for weaving efficiency reasons. My work was also very efficient to weave with two shuttles, but my ‘innovation’ is that it has two good sides and incorporates more possibilities with mixed warp layers. The design is based on three threading blocks (Top, Middle, Back) in which the warp color order varies (BWY, WBY, and so on).

My design process used color-filled cells of my chosen proportions in an Excel spreadsheet. The lift plans for each treadling unit were written out manually and then input into Fiberworks to drive the loom. I chose to fix the shuttle order as BBBWWW throughout, so the layer order in a block (e.g., TMTBMB) had to match that constraint. The design process took considerably longer than the weaving, but has rewarded me with a piece that I am very happy with and which was a great pleasure to weave.

Structural notes: Triple cloth woven as three layers (BWY warps) of loom-controlled plain weave with black and white wefts only, always in the order BBBWWW, for rhythm and efficiency. Some color-and-weave sections included. Interlocked selvedges. 1358 ends, sett 90 epi.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 32.5 inches (34 x 82.5 cm)

Materials: 2/60nm spun silk. Warp: black, white and yellow. Weft: black and white only.

Loom: Louët Megado compu-dobby loom. 18 of 32 shafts used.

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