Carla Gladstone – Celebration of Ten

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My inspiration was a tenth anniversary. I explored a variety of methods for expressing the number ten. These methods included tally marks, building shapes from ten small motifs, the numeral “10”, the word “TEN”, and an “X”, the Roman numeral for ten. I modified the shape of the “X” slightly so that ten motifs would fit inside.

This is the first piece I have woven using a tied weave. Before warping the 24-shaft dobby loom, I sampled a subset of the draft on a table loom to determine the warp sett and the grist of the pattern threads. I enjoyed weaving the piece and plan to revisit this structure.


Polychrome Summer & Winter with two pattern colors.


18 1/4″ x 10 1/2″


20/2 cotton


24-shaft dobby loom (Leclerc Weavebird)

  • Ron Freudenheim