Deborah Kaplan – Night and Day in the Snow Kingdom

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  • 2nd Place: $200

Night and Day is an expression of a woodland at snow with its irregularity and repetition. Day and night weaves back and forth with a quiet yet poised effect. Just as snowflakes themselves, no tree or branch is the same. Branches bend down over years of weight of snow and wind and rain. Broken, but enduring. Just as we ourselves, balanced in the art of living.


Taquete structure. The motif was expressed initially in satin for the snow and freehand floats for the branch structures. Those structures were networked and elongated in both warp and weft. An irregular 4 end twill was used for the tree trunks and networked only in the treadling along with the snow and branches. This produced many exceedingly long floats. A true fantasy weave, turned into cloth and reality with the overlayed taquete structure.

The fine cotton warp was used in gold and white to add glints of sunlight. Single black warps were used to hint an additional definition at the edges of the tree trunks. Each weft carries 2 strands of wool and 1 of linen for a balance of body and structure.


32″ x 35″ x 1″


20/2 cotton, 16/1 linen, 18/2 wool
Support materials: wood board, Velcro, washers, book cloth, staples, eyes, nylon filament


Toika computerized countermarche 32 shaft

  • Deborah Kaplan