Sandra Rude and Michael Rude – The Rusty Promise

Invited Artist

  • This work was designed by Sandra Rude and woven by Michael Rude

This piece was my first weaving ever. A few days before her passing, Sandra made me promise to weave her final Jacquard design. This was a frightening promise as I had never woven anything. In addition, she couldn’t tell me where exactly to find the design files on her computer. She told me simply to look for files of a rusty metal screen.

I didn’t find the loom control file until after her death, and even then I didn’t have an image with the color information for the order of the three weft shuttles. The first weaving attempt looked totally wrong, so I searched her computer again and found the color design. Using that information, it finally looked like a rusty metal screen, and I could honor my promise to Sandra.

I would not have been able to accomplish this weaving without the support, instruction, and encouragement of Kathy Alexander.

Dimensions: 28.5 x 19 inches (72 x 48 cm)

Materials: Four colours of 20/2 mercerized cotton

Loom: AVL Jacq3G loom with 1440 hooks

  • Michael Rude

Annually, Complex Weavers offers a merit based grant to a CW member (or members). This grant is offered for technical and aesthetic development related to learning and teaching advanced weaving techniques and is funded by the Michael and Sandra Rude Endowment Fund.