Ivy DeHart – Autumn Fern

  • Honourable Mention

My personal interpretation of the Complexity theme, Innovations in Weaving, was to combine the flowing colors of a painted warp with a curving fancy twill structure. The challenge was to have the interaction of those two design elements as balanced and harmonious as you see them in nature. The flowing colors and shapes are framed within linear stripes woven in traditional plain weave and twill. Though it is clearly asymmetrical, a balance between linear elements and pattern is part of the overall design of the piece.

Technical notes: Eight shafts are used for the stripes, which frame the pattern: a 24-shaft original fancy twill I call Fern Leaf. Each of the three sections of the warp were individually painted using MX fiber reactive dyes at 1% DOS taken from a 36-sample color wheel using Fuchsia, Clear Yellow and Intense Blue as the primaries. It was woven with a weft of medium-gray 8/2 Tencel yarn.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 74 inches (34 x 188 cm)

Materials: 10/2 Tencel, painted with MX fiber reactive dyes; 8/2 Tencel, slate grey

Loom: Louët Megado 32-shaft dobby loom

  • Scott DeHart