Ivy DeHart – Autumn Sage

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The color palate and warp painting inspiration for this hanging come from a close- up photo of an Autumn Sage Bush. I loved how the dark muted purples and vibrant greens shaded together as well as the linear overall lines of the image. The flower heads in the draft are part of the still life effect that I wanted for the piece.

I designed the draft using Adobe Photoshop and Fiberworks PCW. Many of the small Photoshop presets I use have been taken from Handweaving.net drafts. I have relied on that resource for most of my base weaving structures and understanding of the process of multi-harness drafting.

The controlled painting of the warp was greatly aided by some new warping tools that my Husband and Sons have been designing and 3D Printing for me over the last two years. Precise control of the painted warp threads now allows for the dye placement to be more exact. I am excited to continue learning how to use the color placement in my work.


Handwoven, on a MX fiber reactive painted warp with a 10/2 tencel weft, color eggplant.


75″ x 27″


10/2 tencel


32 Shaft Louet Megado loom, 32 shaft original draft.

  • Scott DeHart