Jami Johnson – Ahead of the Curve

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When I started weaving many years ago, designing was done on paper, and so I didn’t take many ‘chances’ in design or even colors. Then came computer programs for weavers, computerized dobby looms, and Adobe Photoshop. The ‘Innovations in Weaving’ in my lifetime have only enhanced my enjoyment and the joys of a perfect hobby: using my mind in so many different ways, creating wonderful and inspiring friendships, keeping my hands busy and happy, and (usually) having something useful to show! I can’t imagine a better creative pursuit.

I love weaving dishtowels: I can be fearless in design and colors, I smile when I see them in my kitchen, and I love giving them to friends and family. This towel was woven near the end of a long warp. Earlier towels had used Photoshop to design, and my mind wandered along that ‘what if’ path as I wove. At the computer, I started playing with curves, manipulating their placement, weave structures, and weft colors. And voila, my design was born!


Handwoven. This was designed using Fiberworks PCW and Photoshop Elements. 4 different twills were used.


29.5 x 19.5


20/2 mercerized cotton


LeClerc Weavebird, 24 shaft loom, 24 shafts used

  • Rudy Johnson