Kathleen Fennell – Illusion

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An opportunity to buy a loom almost 50 years ago launched a life-long passion for weaving. I enjoy weaving scarves, shawls, throws and wall hangings from various commercial fibers and my hand spun yarn. Color, texture, geometric design, and movement intrigue me. My pieces include a variety of fibers and weave structures; most are “one-of-a-kind”. The unlimited design possibilities allow a lifetime of opportunities to wonder “what if . . .” and then to experiment with those ideas to create something functional, beautiful, whimsical and/or thought provoking.

A weaving friend told me about Complex Weavers and the Complexity 2024 exhibition. Thinking about the “Innovations in Weaving” theme led me to look more closely at optical illusion prints on paper to see how they change appearance depending on various factors. The intriguing designs inspired me to attempt to create similar effects with pick-up double weave. It is interesting to see how changing the size and placement of lines and curves can create subtle or mind bending 3D effects on a 2D medium. There is much more to explore.


Pick-Up Double Weave


28 1/2 inches X 14 inches


3/2 perle cotton, 5/2 perle cotton, finished wooden dowels


4-shaft Nilus LeClerc Loom

  • Kathleen Fennell