Mimi Anderson – Reflections or A Tale of Two Warps

  • Honourable Mention

I love color. I love the surprises when mixing colors. I paint warps. I like weave structures using parallel threadings. I have created several scarves using one painted warp to alternate with a solid color warp. But what if…? Could I interleave two painted warps? Why not?

Reflections, or A Tale of Two Warps

A painted warp lay on the dye room shelf
Beside a warp quite like himself

Said he,”I am a handsome bout
So bright and vibrant all throughout”

The second warp said, “Why, why,
You are no handsomer than I

No brighter either, I’ll be sure
No more vibrant and no more pure”

The weaver came and saw these two
“I cannot choose between you and you”

She scooped them up, and side by side
They wove together showing each in pride

A reflection of each other’s hue
Richer, than separately would do

Structure: 24-shaft jin with floating selvedge

Dimensions: 8 x 78 inches (20 x 198 cm) plus fringe

Materials: 10/2 tencel, 60/2 silk

Loom: 24-shaft AVL Workshop Dobby Loom

  • John Miller