Mina Ossiander – Star Strike

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My goal in weaving is to use the loom to creating interesting fabrics that can be readily become part of everyday life. I have a particular fondness for drafting evolving patterns using color and contrast that reflect aspects of the world around us.

Star Strike is the latest in a series of cotton blankets drafted and woven in shadow weave. The series explores the variation and combination of color and contrast in both warp and weft while using varying weights of yarn.

The Star Strike warp and threading was designed during the fall of 2023 while listening to the news. During drafting, winding the warp, and weaving it off, the image of light emerging from dark dominated my thoughts.


This piece is handwoven in 8 harness shadow weave.


50 inches x 42 inches


5/2 cotton, white and a range of darker colors Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic (mercerized cotton, 100m in 50g) in a range of colors Lily’s 18th Century mercerized crochet cotton (Art. 158) in white


This piece was woven on my 8 shaft Mecchia counterbalance floor loom.

  • Mina Ossiander