Muffy Young – Traveling Scarf in Dark Colors

  • Treenway Silks Award:
    Best Use of Silk

Four-color double weave is endlessly fascinating and thus ripe for innovation. Across the warp, I set up five pairs of colors. There are only two weft colors. Sometimes as they mix with the warps, they make a pure hue; sometimes not so pure. The clear hues appear and disappear along the weaving as they combine with like or unlike colors.

A broken twill threading accentuates this effect by making breaks in the pattern line. Small loops at the end of each treadling section soften the linearity.

My profile for the treadling came from part of an oval. I built the tie-up guided by the method Marian Stubenitsky described in Weaving With Echo and Iris. My pattern evokes lightning bolts with lots of energetic movement.

Structure: Four-color double weave, parallel draft, twisted fringe

Dimensions: 11 x 74 inches (28 x 188 cm)

Materials: 20/2 silk noil, 20/2 spun silk, 10/1 noil silk

Loom: 32-shaft computer-assisted dobby loom

  • Dan De Hainaut