Peg MacMorris – Grand Canyon Sunrise

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Our western landscape provides a constant source of inspiration for my weaving. The magnificence and enormity of the Grand Canyon inspired me to capture the colors and stratified rock with woven structures. I experienced an amazing sunrise on a cold November morning in 2022, which led to this weaving, Grand Canyon Sunrise. The sun first appeared at the rim of the canyon with a bright narrow band of light that gradually plunged down to illuminate the layers of rock in the depths of the canyon as it rose higher in the sky. Within minutes, the clear bright blue sky contrasted with all the revealed geologic layers. These rock formations in the depth of the Canyon are represented by different twills and colors from the Canyon’s palette. The same structures occur in each panel with the colors of the layers gradually lightening as the light reaches the lower levels. The sky is woven in an irregular satin as it progresses from hazy gray to bright blue.


Handweaving: 32S Twill variations and irregular satin


11.25 x 8.25 x 1.25 ea total size 11.25 x 25 x 1.25


8/2 Tencel, 2/18 wool, Rayon blend, 20/2 cotton


32-shaft Megado compu-dobby loom

  • Mary Pridgen