Poppy DeltaDawn – I Am Stretched On Your Grave

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I have come to understand the benefit of weaving cloth on a Jacquard hand loom is essentially a subversion of Jacquards intended goal: Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard loom in 1863 in order to deskill the weaver’s role, to make production cheaper and faster, and ultimately to alienate the consumer further from the product of woven cloth. Considering about how little America and much of the Western hemisphere understands of textile production, it is fair to say that he succeeded.

My practice and research are invested in lineages of making and labor, and how a human obsession with dominance and control of the land beneath our feet is tethered to the struggle for autonomy and control of bodies, and especially those of women.


Handwoven Jacquard double weave


32.5 x 28.25 in.


2/18 Merino wool and 16/2 cotton on recycled industrial felt


TC2 / 0 shafts

  • Poppy DeltaDawn