Rebecca Smith – Ondule Transparency

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“Ondule Transparency” is a continuation of my exploration of textiles that engage their environment by being semi-transparent rather than presenting an opaque barrier. My work invites the viewer to see into and through the weaving, easing the distinction between foreground, object, and background. The fan reed is an excellent tool for exploring new ways to achieve transparent effects. I work primarily with linen because it can hold space open without slippage. It provides clean, crisp lines that suit my designs. Seeking innovative ways to express my ideas through weaving has always been a prime motivator for me.


The linen warp is hand-dyed using Procion MX dyes. The warp was sleyed through a fan reed with a contrasting space-dyed cotton warp outlining the fan sections. The alternating wide and narrow sett achieved with the fan reed gives a honeycomb effect of light and shadow behind the piece as can be seen in the image. The piece is most successfully hung away from the wall to take advantage of this transparent effect.

Dimensions: 61 x 13


Linen, cotton, procion dyes


Schacht standard floor loom, 4 shafts were used

  • Rebecca Smith