Rebecca Winter – 8, 6, & 4 Shaft Shadow Weave

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Shadow Weave was woven in three separate panels on 8, 6, & 4 shafts. Eight shaft shadow weave drafts offer wonderful detailed designs when using the eight units possible with the Powell method of drafting. This is where I started. The draft is an original design. My question for this project was how can similar designs be created on six and on four shafts? Profile drafts were created first, which offered the challenge of drafting similar designs with fewer units on fewer shafts. The designs, of course, can only be similar, not exact. The next step was creating the full shadow weave drafts, done on weaving software. Colors were added next, to accentuate certain designs in the cloth. Color placement on all three panels occurs in similar design areas. It is interesting to note the breaks in the woven designs. This is created by skipping units, as in shadow weave the units may be placed in any order. It is also interesting on six and four shaft, where the skip occurs there are double threads – threaded next to each other on the same shaft. Wefts are also doubled in these as-drawn-in drafts. The dark/light sequencing of threads was maintained throughout. The complexity of designs on different shafts, and creating an interesting colorway for each panel was a rewarding challenge. The best part – it’s Gold.


Handwoven in Shadow Weave


Height – 51.5 inches, which includes plied fringe. Width – 36.5 inches.


10/2 mercerized cotton, in 7 Lunatic Fringe Yarns colors of Copper, 5 Green Yellow, Burnt Under, 5 Blue, 10 Yellow, 5 Purple, and 5 Yellow Red.


8 shaft, 26 inch Gilmore Compact Loom

  • Rebecca Winter