Robert Breitzmann – Letting Go

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My goal was to visualize the release from letting go of conflict. The design line was chosen to create the general form. The tie-up was chosen to create bands of color with a sense of depth, and appearance of light coming from above. The weft gradient from a light blue at the top to a dark navy at the bottom reinforces the effect of light shining from above. The warp gradient from purple to gold to purple brings focus to the center with cares falling away. The rose path network was chosen to create the gauze brush strokes.


Warp and weft are hand dyed gradients, each with 25 interleaved colors. Structure is a network draft with a 6-high rose path initial for the threading and the treadling.


27.625 x 27.625 x 0.75


16/2 Hemp


32 Shaft Louet

  • Robert Breitzmann