Bonnie Inouye – String Dance with Bubbles

Designs that show movement and break away from a grid appeal to me. I have been weaving a series of designs I call ‘string theory’ and have challenged myself to make the strings dance in various ways. Here they dance across a tile floor and are celebrated with bubbles. It is fun to weave a piece that keeps changing. I can wear it with one end in front and the other in back, or I start with the transition area across my neck to bring both ends forward. It could also be used on a table.

Structure: turned two-tie weave with double weave and twill

Dimensions: 10 x 64 inches (25 x 162.5 cm)

Materials: “Silk string” (50% tussah silk, 50% rayon), “Velveen” (rayon and wool), 8/s Tencel and 10/2 rayon

Loom: 24-shaft AVL loom, computer-assisted

  • David W Inouye