Samantha Haring – Burn It

As a handweaving artist, I have many fiber art projects coming and going in my busy mind at any given time. Only a small few of these projects rise to physical creation and even fewer turn out the way I envisioned them. But the whole process of creating and trying new ideas is what keeps me so in love with handwoven arts. Sometimes I end up hating what I am working on and just want to pull the cloth off the loom and Burn It! Other times I cannot wait to share my progress and end products with others.

This piece is a combination of techniques that I love and have experience with, featuring an echo draft I designed specifically for this exhibition. The scarf combines the effects of my echo draft (initially inspired by a four-shaft turned taqueté design by Bonnie Inouye) and the overlay of two hand-painted warps to create an eye-catching scarf that looks like it is bursting into flames.

Structure: Eight-shaft echo weave. Original design inspired by Bonnie Inouye’s four-shaft Flames draft ( #63055)

Dimensions: 10.5 x 86 inches (27 x 218.5 cm) including fringe of 5.5 inches (14 cm)

Materials: 12/2 bamboo with stellina, 6/2 cotton/seacell

Loom: 8-shaft jack floor loom

  • Samantha Haring