Jennifer Moore – Smoke & Mirrors I

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  • HGA Award

Smoke & Mirrors I is essentially a study in color-and-weave effects using a rotation of seven neutrals from white to black in the warp in eight blocks of double weave.

The blocks are arranged in a point twill order in a gradation of widths. Each warp block contains four of the neutrals, each on its own shaft, which enables six possible lift combinations (i.e., warp color combinations) per block. Each block can operate independently to choose which two shafts will be used for the top layer at any given point, as well as which of the weft colors will weave with each layer.

There are no solid colors in this piece, but instead a vast range of subtle nuances of neutral tones that create a sense of looking through veils at a mysterious image. I’m intrigued by the endless possibilities presented by working with this system.

Structure: 8-block double weave, rep weave hem

Dimensions: 15 x 35.5 inches (38 x 90 cm)

Materials: 10/2 cotton, 20/2 cotton

Loom: 32-shaft Louët Megado with compu-dobby

  • Carolyn Wright, The Photography Studio