Molly McLaughlin – Self Reflection in the Time of Covid

  • Surface Design Association
    Award of Excellence

Self Reflection in the Time of Covid is the first piece in a collection of work that I created from fine wire and highly reflective threads. I chose these materials out of a desire to introduce the beauty and movement of reflected light into my weaving. The design for the piece is based on a single moment, during the second year of the pandemic, when I happened to see myself in a broken mirror, and realized that I barely recognized the image reflected back to me. 

The imagery in this work is created by inlaying rows of very fine metallic fibers on top of a ground weft of fine metal wire as I weave. I utilize different inlay techniques in my work, with variations of Theo Moorman technique being the most frequent. 

The creation of my wall hangings is a slow process. I choose to work on looms that are completely hand operated, without any mechanized assistance. I have found that, in the process of slowing down, I have more time to fully explore the images that I am weaving.

Structural notes: I created the woven imagery in the piece by using a variation of Theo Moorman Technique that allowed for a slightly open weave in both the weft and the warp to create a sense of lightness and fragility.

Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches (61 x 91.5 cm)

Materials: Warp: Sulky Of America 215d 40-weight Sliver Metallic Nylon/Polyester Thread; “Not suitable for warp” metallic nylon thread from John Marshall
Ground Weft: 40 gauge stainless steel wire
Inlay: variety of metallic threads from Giovanna Imperia

Loom: 4-shaft Leclerc Nilus II countermarche loom

  • Brian McLaughlin