Jeremy Uden – Sketchbook Scarf

I knew that I wanted to use my new 32-shaft loom to its full capacity. One of the things that caught my interest was designing cloth using Adobe Photoshop, as described by Alice Schlein in The Woven Pixel. I spent several months learning the techniques in Photoshop, and started weaving samples on the loom. I fairly quickly realised that interchanging plain weave gave me the clear patterns that I wanted to create in the cloth, and I concentrated on seeing how far I could push the technique.

I have a sketchbook where I doodle repeating designs before translating them into liftplans, and this scarf is a reflection of that sketchbook. It uses both geometric designs and those that give a more ‘hand-drawn’ feel to patterns in the final cloth, and I love both elements. I wove many sett samples with 30/2 silk, and found that because the layers interchange so frequently in both warp and weft, I could really open the sett to get the drape and finish I associate with silk.

Structure: Interchanging layers of double plain weave, sett at 36 epi (18 epi per layer)

Dimensions: 11.75 x 76 inches (30 x 193 cm) including fringes

Materials: 30/2 silk

Loom: 32-shaft Louët Megado with compu-dobby

  • Jeremy Uden