David van Buskirk – Triple Threat

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Triple Threat represents the holiday card I designed and produced for 2021. This is the 18th version of a woven holiday card I have sent to clients and friends. For the cards, I design a two-inch sample and then create a warp where the individual sections are separated by three inches of space in both the warp and weft. The samples are cut at the empty space and attached to cards.

Last year my loom was in boxes, so I created swatches on a frame loom in plain weave with weeds for the filling. As an antidote to that simplicity, I conceived of a double layered fabric with four quadrants reversing from front to back in the middle of the design in both the warp and weft directions. I also wanted to use vibrant, intense colors. To create an even more dynamic design, I added a middle layer of wool that remains hidden from view but when taken off the loom pulls the stiff outer layers of linen into interesting waves and bulges. I set up enough warp to weave a section that was not cut up and serves to document this project.

Structural notes: Designed as a three-layered fabric. The linen outer layers switch from front to back in four quadrants while a wool inner layer is sandwiched between the linen. The contrast between density and emptiness highlights dimension of the weaves.

Dimensions: 21 x 20.5 inches (53 x 52 cm)

Materials: 16/2 linen;
2/8 worsted wool

Loom: 12-shaft AVL dobby loom

  • David van Buskirk