Sara von Tresckow – Soaring Sensations – Portrait of a Sailplane

This portrait is my son’s ‘Libelle’ (dragonfly) glider, developed from a photo taken on the runway at the gliderport in Elmira, New York. The dragonfly in the piece is drawn from the logo of Glasfluegel (Germany), the company that built these planes – now vintage and rather legendary in the world of sailplanes. The piece is intended as a gift to convey our pride and pleasure in his gliding accomplishment using my weaving abilities as artistic medium.

The plane image was extracted using Photoshop and rotated until it appeared to be flying. Color and pixel reduction were done in Pointcarre. The final graphed image, developed in PCStitch software, was printed on 11 x 17 paper to ensure accuracy in weaving.

Because shadows on the image enhanced the appearance and detail of the plane, I developed a special brocading technique to work in small contrasting detail areas to give the image more depth and contrast than it would have had in unadorned damask.

Structural notes: Five-end satin damask ground with brocading in 5/1 twill. Brocading utilizes continuous ground weft for all areas of fabric and uses a second set of five treadles to create supplemental weft twill areas on face, overlaying satin ground.

Dimensions: 19.5 x 31.5 inches (49.5 x 80 cm)

Materials: 10/2 natural mercerized cotton, 8/1 linen hand dyed with indigo, 20/1 linen in gray, 12/1 linen in black.

Loom: Ulla Cyrus Drawloom, 5 ground shafts, 150 draw cords

  • Sara von Tresckow