Lesley Willcock – Sunbeams on Raindrops

  • Diane Fabeck Award for Best in Show

Nature has the wonderful ability to surprise and delight with both the overall effect and also the smallest detail, providing inspiration when observed closely. I wanted to capture in this artwork the overwhelming sense of calm, peace and tranquillity that I feel walking daily in my local woods, appreciating the changing colours, shapes and light levels.

The subtle colours in this weaving range from fresh light greens of spring leaves to more subdued shades, and include the soft grey-greens of lichens and the many shades of blue in the bluebells and the sky. An iridescent weft is used on the pale silver silk warp of one of the layers. It shows intermittently to evoke the sparkle of sunbeams on the wet leaves.

The curving motif of the exchanging layers was designed to reflect the different shapes displayed in tree bark, leaves and branches. By being used at different scales and cycled across the liftplan with an advancing threading, it never fully repeats, which creates the feeling of movement and perspective.

Structural notes: Double plain weave layer exchange with integrated single layer outline to layer exchanges. Networked threading from advancing profile. Non-repeating liftplan using design motif in different sizes and cycling the position to give the effect of movement.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 26 inches (34 x 66 cm)

Materials: 2/16 ne cotton; 30/2 nm spun silk; 60/2 nm spun silk; 80/2 nm spun silk; Corneta MX 53 nm polyester/polyamide; 60 lea linen

Loom: 32-shaft Louët Megado computer-assist dobby loom

  • Lesley Willcock