Rebecca Winter – Shadow Weave Tapestry #10

The two-dimensional wall hanging was designed in shadow weave from an original four-block profile, and was woven on four shafts. All yarns in the piece are 10/2 cotton.

The yellow and orange stripes are made of two strands of the 10/2 cotton, warped and woven as one, to give them more emphasis. While the main colors are blue and teal, periwinkle was added on either side of the orange in both warp and weft to give it a more pleasing contrast. Cobalt dark yarn stripes invite you to look just a little closer.

Structure: Shadow weave

Dimensions: 19 x 43 inches (48 x 109 cm)

Materials: 10/2 cotton

Loom: 8-shaft Gilmore loom. Woven on 4 shafts.

  • Rebecca Winter