Su Butler – Tribute to Wm. Morris

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  • 3rd Place

The lock-down brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic provided an unexpected opportunity for in-depth study of an interesting and innovative structure. Brocatelle, a weave in which one area of cloth contracts while another expands, creates an interesting and unique surface texture.

Conquering the learning curve and acquiring the skill to weave Brocatelle inspired me to weave a design from my Art Nouveau series grounded on a William Morris pattern adapted for drawloom. Color is used to invoke a feeling of time passing as the flowers reach successive stages of maturity, paralleling continuous new stages of development on my weaving journey. Growing as a weaver involves starting with a seed and working toward the ‘full bloom,’ or understanding and executability, of an idea. Tribute to Wm. Morris is a visual representation of the process and changes inevitable in the achievement of these goals over time; the vibrant colors celebrate the many and various successes in the long journey of growth.

Structural notes: Brocatelle, hand-painting, from a William Morris design adapted for drawloom

Dimensions: 17.5 x 33 inches (44.5 x 84 cm)

Materials: 16/2 cotton, Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool-Silk, Linen

Loom: Oxaback Combination 50-shaft Drawloom using 300 Single Units

  • Su Butler